School of Surfing WA has some of the best coaches in Western Australia & Australia to help you on your surfing journey.

All our coaches have the highest accreditation and qualifications being either Level 1 or 2 Surf Riding Coaches accredited with Surfing Australia and the Australian Coaching Council.

Our Coaches are our biggest asset, hand picked based on their skills as well as their passion for surfing and helping people to enjoy being in the ocean.

Check out their Coaching Profiles (see below) and if you would like to book a Private Lesson with one of our awesome team then click here


Mark “Rat” Clift
Local Break: Lakey
Fav WA Surf Spot: Trigg
Fav Board: ones that go straight well
Fav Surfer: Joey Barrel

Thomo – Da Boss Man
Local Break: TP
Fav WA Surf Spot: Rivor
Fav Board: any that allows him to fly
Fav Surfer: The one on the inside!
Local Break: Trigg
Fav WA Surf Spot: Glennies!! Gero represent!
Fav Board: Whatever I can have the most fun on!
Fav Surfer: John John Florence or Steph Gilmore
Local Break: Trigg Point
Fav WA Surf Spot: Booj and Gas
Fav Board: DHD Dx1
Fav Surfer: Julian Wilson

Local Break: Mullaz
Fav WA Surf Spot: Yallingup Main Break or Trigg Point
Fav Board: DHD – Sweet Spot
Fav Surfer: Craig Anderson

Tom B
Local Break: Trigg
Fav WA Surf Spot: Back Beach, Lancelin
Fav Board: The pink foamie
Fav Surfer: Grommets catching their first wave!
Local Break: Leighton
Fav WA Surf Spot: Lano (Lancelin)
Fav Board: The blue one, no the green one, the pink one!
Fav Surfer: Anyone who understands the poetry of the ocean and wants to share it.
Local Break: Kay Bay, Tarzan’s Left
Fav WA Surf Spot: Boranup Beachies
Fav Board: This one!
Fav Surfer: Tom Curren
Local Break: Trigg
Fav WA Surf Spot: Boranup
Fav Board: FireWire Chubby Cheddar
Fav Surfer: Carissa Moore
Local Break: Trigg Point
Fav WA Surf Spot: Supertubes and Windmills
Fav Board: My current one 5’11” Froome board
Fav Surfer: Julian Wilson